by Mercy

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released August 30, 2015

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Nathan Wallace



all rights reserved


Mercy Stirling, UK

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Track Name: OUTBURST
Pressure building, outburst imminent
nervous breakdown on the verge of us all
Cut the illusion, you feed my confusion
it's so beautiful to watch you fall

I made my peace within my soul, I've felt your chill embrace me

Out on my own, alone in the world
Living day to day on the verge of death
I'm living in fear, of what I can't protect
Unaware of what we're capable of so
You do yours, I'll do mine, I'll be fine.

Times are changing, sanity fading
Holding out for the future
For the bigger picture
Times are changing, sanity fading

Stuck in this mind set, love won't change that.

Stuck in my ways
Track Name: SPOIL ME
Sinking slow, I've got to make up my mind
For my soul, keep my mind occupied
Indecision blinding, clouds my world
No longer can I pretend.

Be real with me, Im not who you think I am
Soon you'll see, the person that I've become
Only time will tell,
what's consuming me

Taking everything
Nothing left for me
You've made yourself vulnerable
By taking our love away

You can say that I changed
But I see it differently
All the fingers pointing in my direction
Oh what a shame

Just let me fall and I'll pick myself back up someday
Have you ever felt what isn't real
Too many times I've had my self ripped apart
I won't feel like myself, until you're out of my head, out of sight out of mind and I won't pretend

Self destructive, unproductive, torn, between love and something more

How am I supposed to react when my whole world is breaking down and crashing right before me
So tell me now who's the one that's really ok?
I'm tired, I'm sore, maybe loves not for me.

naysayers around me, voices in my head
Telling me to forget love and embrace hate instead

Our love will burn
Track Name: WASH ME OVER
How can I pretend that's it's all in my head
What more can I say, it's already done
But I don't know if you know but I know
That my heart stopped beating for you
Some time ago

Wash it all away
Wash it over me

Let me leave your space
I feel so drained
Let me leave your space
I'm waiting to start living my life again

Am I right in thinking
Am I wrong in speaking
My mind
Careless whispers
Speak a thousand words